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The sultanate is flanked by the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea,The prime business activity during the medieval period of the country was fishing. Fish and other sea food serve as a major portion of diet among the local community. Knowing the vast demand of fisheries and seafood sector , Al Majali Groupstarting up two companies in the year 1993 , Al Majali trading in Nizwa and Al Majali Industries in masirah.

The core business of the company is to cater the seafood demand in the local and GCC market. More over our facilities are on the sea front, enabling us access to fresh and quality products. The company operates its own fishing vessels to supplement the supply of raw material from the traditional fishermen.

We have the most modern and sophisticated state of the art cold storage facility and equipment’s manned by experienced and qualified staff. The Company is proud of its ability to provide consumers with a wide variety of the finest, high-quality and value-added marine products, through an advanced processing plant recently established in the Nizwa area.

The company contributes a leading role in the localmarket by distributing products to all central markets, hotels, main restaurants and cooperatives. The Company also exports the surplus of its high quality fisheries products to other countries in the Middle East region and worldwide, thereby creating a demand on such products.

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Mrs Badriya Mohammed Khamis Al Majali
Vice Chairman
Mob No: +968 99335553
Ms Turkiya Mohammed Khamis Al Majali
Executive Secretary
Mob No: +968 97000556
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P.O Box 1063, PC 114, Jibroo- Muscat
Near to Rusayl Roundabout, next to INMA Oman ,Al Mawaleh South
Sultanate of Oman

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