Chairman's Message

“As the founder and chairman of Al Majali Group of Companies, one of the pioneer business establishments in the Sultanate of Oman, I look back with satisfaction at the great achievements and astonishing growth of our enterprise. Al Majali Group has achieved phenomenal growth over the last 26 years due to several factors, first and foremost of which is the blessing of the ALMIGHTY, most Merciful and most Compassionate, who has imparted to us a measure of His wisdom and knowledge and has rewarded our endeavours with success.

From its modest beginnings during its nascent years, it has become one of the country’s biggest businesses, thanks to the keen vision, inspiration, and hard work of all those who have been part of our family. It gives me a great sense of fulfilment when I think about the winning network of employees, customers, and partners that we have built over the years. I am certainly grateful to all the people who repose confidence in our service."                          

Yours Sincerely
H.E Sheikh Mohammed Khamis Hilal Al Majali

About the Chairman

Born to the Royal family of Masirah ,H.E Sheikh Mohammed KhamisHilal Al Majali was a man with vision. By the mid 1970’s, the Sultanate of Oman had come into existence and was facing the restrictions on trading practices. With the advent of prosperity, H.E Sheikh Mohammed KhamisHilal Al Majali rightly foresaw the onset oftrading activity and focused his business interests accordingly.

In 1982 “Al Majali Trading” was established in Masirah and in 1987 new branches were opened in Al Khaluf. Then the group was diversified into starting of Masirah Hotel L.L.C, in 1998 and Al Majali International in the year of 2000.

H.E. Sheikh Mohammed KhamisHilal the owner of Al Majali Group was a member of As’shura Council for two consecutive sessions from Jan.1992 to Dec.1997. Earlier from 1976 he was the Branch Manager of Masirah Island Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries branch for 12 long years. During his tenure he attended many courses related to fisheries and marine navigation in Oman and the Far East which led him to start marine business.

Group General Manager's speech

"It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all to Al Majali group of Companies. Right from the time of joining the group in 2000 , I have witnessed its growth as an amateur in the field of Shipping and logistics sector to a renowned and professional group with diversification in various market sectors.

I had the pleasure to join this group in 2000 as the Operation manager of Al Majali International SAOC , a flagship from the group dedicated to serve the shipping industry. From there on I could be a part of the groups involvement into various diversification activities such as Crusher and Block manufacturing factories in Duqum.

Today , as the Group General Manager , I thank the Almighty for his blessings and all the people and workforce who has been the backbone of the organization and their contributions to the growth right from our premature stage to the current stage. The unified efforts of our team have gained us the trust of our loyal customers over the years."

Yours Sincerely
Mr P.M.Jabir
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